Hiya, pal!

Hey! I'm Caleb Tung. Welcome to my blog.  I grew up in Texas. *drops mic, walks away

...Unfortunately, my editor, Xavier Breth, has stated that I "can't just do that and call it a day" when it comes to "About Me" pages. I kindly reminded him that this page is clearly an "About Caleb" page and not an "About Me" page, but some editors just don't listen to reason (Xavier: At times, I wonder why I even bother).

Let's try again. Howdy, I'm Caleb! Welcome to my blog. I lived in Texas (the first state you see when you look at a map of the continental USA) all my pre-college years. I attended an amazing private school with top-notch (Xavier: He was homeschooled; for the sake of your eyeballs, I cut a whole wall of text out, dear reader). I also spent a lot of time in the outdoors. Now that I'm no longer in my pre-college years (Xavier: Obviously), I am studying computer engineering at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Finally, I'm a Christian and I approach things from a corresponding worldview.

Anyhoo, I realized pretty quickly that a lot of stuff happens in my life that might be useful for others to know about. For example, you need to rely on your friends in the dorm for support when you find out that (Xavier: SPOILERS AHEAD, PARENTS! COVER THE CHILDREN'S EYES!)  Santa Claus isn't real. So I thought it was a good idea (Xavier: He never asked what I thought) to spin up a blog on the Interwebs, on which I can write about useful things (Xavier: He says "useful") that I've learned. Hopefully, this blog will be able to help people out while providing some laughs along the way.

Hmm... Xavier says I should put a TL;DR here. So I will.


Welcome to my blog! I made it in the hopes of sharing, in a goofy manner, some of the things I've learned in life that might be helpful to others in some way.

Caleb's Very Exciting Page™ can be found on the Book of Face: https://facebook.com/thecalebtung