Who is this guy, anyway? And why does he like eggs?

Hi there! I’m Caleb Tung, but around these parts, I’m known as Caleb Tung.


As you can see, I give eggstremely useful introductions. This website is intended to provide my thoughts on technology and other interesting bits in a simple, no-nonsense fashion. Actually, scratch that bit about nonsense - there will be plenty of shenanigans.

This website is also at the vanguard of replacing “ex-” with “eggs”, because those are delicious. Like this tasty emoji: šŸ„šcellent.

I also do research with Professor Yung-Hsiang Lu as a computer engineering PhD student at Purdue University. With so many applications at the edge struggling to run computer vision with limited computing power, my goal is to create energy-efficient computer vision technology for embedded devices.

That also means that I write papers that are a little more rigorous than this blog, available in my CV here.

P.S. Did you practice today?