Here's what I do when I'm not cooking Taiwanese food, practicing classical piano, or convincing people to move to Texas

Degrees and Awards

  • current – Ph.D. Computer Engineering – Purdue University
  • current – Ross Doctoral Fellowship – Purdue University
  • 2019 – B.S. Honors Computer Engineering, with distinction – Purdue University
  • 2019 – Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award, honorable mention – Computing Research Association

Summer Internships

Details can be found on LinkedIn.


Details about my research can be found on LinkedIn and on our project page.

Modular Neural Networks for Low-Power Image Classification on Embedded Devices
    2020 ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems (Accepted)
    A Goel, C Tung, S Aghajanzadeh, S-H Chen, GK Thiruvathukal, Y-H Lu

A Survey of Methods for Low-Power Deep Learning and Computer Vision
Read online
    2020 IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things
    A Goel, C Tung, Y-H Lu, GK Thiruvathukal

Analyzing Worldwide Social Distancing through Large-Scale Computer Vision
Read online
    2020 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Submitted)
    I Ghodgaonkar, S Chakraborty, V Banna, S Allcroft, M Metwaly, F Bordwell,
    K Kimura, X Zhao, A Goel, C Tung, A Chinnakotla, M Xue, Y-H Lu,
    MD Ward, W Zakharov, DS Ebert, DM Barbarash, GK Thiruvathukal

Low-Power Object Counting with Hierarchical Neural Networks
Read online
    2020 ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design
    A Goel, C Tung, S Aghajanzadeh, I Ghodgaonkar, S Ghosh,
    GK Thiruvathukal, Y-H Lu

Camera Placement Meeting Restrictions of Computer Vision
Read online
    2020 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing
    S Aghajanzadeh, R Naidu, S-H Chen, C Tung, A Goel, Y-H Lu, GK Thiruvathukal

Large-Scale Object Detection of Images from Network Cameras in Variable Ambient Lighting Conditions
Read online
    2019 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Information Processing & Retrieval
    C Tung, MR Kelleher, RJ Schlueter, B Xu, Y-H Lu, GK Thiruvathukal, Y-K Chen, Y Lu